Let It Kill You Book

Ben McQueen is a tattooer and skateboarder in San Francisco, and he’s currently wrapping up the first volume of a book series called Let it Kill You.

Let it Kill You takes a look at the overlap between tattooing and skateboarding, and Vol. 1 features over 250 pages of interviews, artwork, tattoos, and skate photos with Jamie Thomas, Nathan Kostechko, Andrew Allen, Chad Koeplinger, Cheyenne Sawyer, Tyler Bledsoe, Eric Dressen, and Jano Navarrete.

  • 9 x 11.5” (Approx. 1” thick)
  • Hardcover, red linen casing w/ gold foil details
  • 216 pages
  • Featuring:
    • Eric Dressen
    • Cheyenne Sawyer & Tyler Bledsoe
    • Jano Navarrete
    • Andrew Allen & Nathan Kostechko
    • Jamie Thomas
    • Chad Koeplinger
- Foreword by Michael Sieben (Thrasher Magazine)